I believe that assessments play a crucial role in refining our focus. It's evident that strengths vary among individuals, and our unique personalities influence both our approach to tasks and how we engage with others. This insight highlights why diversity within teams isn't just beneficial—it's essential for achieving success in the professional realm.


Below is an overview of notable assessments that have significantly contributed to my development throughout my HR career:


Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI)®: 1) Level 4/5, top 10% of comparison group 2) Modernizer, 3) 4) Director, 5) Catalyst and 6) Corporate Manager


CliftonStrengths34®: 1) Communication 2) Achiever 3) Empathy 4) Consistency 5) Responsibility


Big Five®: 1) Extroversion) 2) Openness 3) Conscientiousness 4) Agreeable 5) Calm 


StandOut® powered by ADP®: 1) Provider 2) Advisor 3) Teacher


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®: ESFJ-A


DiSC®: D:Di